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  1. Late-night Crackpot Theories: The giant

    ACTUALLY, puppets are just not possible. Think of it, Richtofen got his delusions (before giant) Sam and Max get Teleported. Sam entered the MPD and she was in control, what means that richtofen COULD NOT have any rolę regarding vril-ya. The more interresting thing is that they "or only O4 Richtofen" can hear richtofen after his death. Its not the logic that bothers me, but hów is That possible? maybe after he touched the MPD, that touch COULD have made connection to the MPD that allows ( a bit similar to maxis on moon) connection to people. Sry if u find some mistakes or couldnt understand everything, its my first time here and i am german... Tha. Explains everythin Written on a fckin phone.