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  1. Past map correlations (Where is der riese & moon?)

    Moon is represented by the step in the boss fight arena where the zero gravity is turned on IMO. Tranzit is represented by the fog rolling into the Apothicon's belly and the lava step in the boss fight room.
  2. Buried Easter Egg! [PS3] Need 3 People!

    I am still looking for 3 people to do the Richtofen End Game on this map and to go for high rounds while we have the perma perks/perma fire sale/4 weapon Mule Kick. Let me know if you ever finish all the EEs and have the Nav Cards placed so we can do it.
  3. Treyarch screws solo players again

    You can do most of it alone and the final step requires at least 3 people to zap everything so it's obvious that can't be done on Solo. Not sure why you are complaining, you don't get any perks or anything for doing it like permaperks. If all you are worried about is the calling card then just use this site to find a team and do it once. If there was some permaperks or permafiresales or something like that after I would understand solo players feeling screwed but that isn't the case.
  4. Alchemical Antithesis on first prestige Arsenal Accelerator on second prestige Thinking about the Haymaker next and then prob the snipers because it'll be nice to get the scopes off of them from now on. Not sure if any of the other GobbleGums are worth it but I'll probably unlock one or two more of them in later prestige levels.

    We we did the EE last night but it glitched out somehow and we did not get to retail our perks after going down, did not get the XP for doing it, and did not get the calling card. Pretty frustrating after finally completing it for the first time. We got the cutscene and the sky cleared up but we didn't get any of the perks of completing the EE. Video: http://www.twitch.tv/xanman86/v/25598594
  6. Recent update Nerf?

    Gotta learn to save a zombie EVERY round to use all 4 beast modes and spend everyone's points efficiently. By doing so you can get PaP open as early as round 1 and start filling up the eggs in the first 5 rounds easily.
  7. SoE Easter Egg

    Got to the step where we kill the Shadow Man and started a stream but then we all died in the PaP room before getting him trapped on the ritual table :-(
  8. SoE Easter Egg

    "The formless ones will be their downfall" makes me think that somehow our shadows can get the worm step completed but I have no idea how that would work.
  9. SoE Easter Egg

    What do you guys make of the equations written on the wall in the rift area?