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  1. My Giant Theory

    Well...The Interdimensional Travel is half and half guys...I think I know where the game is heading too. It's going for the happy ending but a sacrifice from one of the main heroes.
  2. Eastereggs pointing at something?

    Going to go off on a limb, the Mexican could have "dark sorcery" ties to the undead culture through Mexican culture. You know, the Zimmerman Note from Germany to Mexico. There could be a a Richtofen Note, requiring the aid from dark magician who is Mexican. Lawls, just for lawls.
  3. My Giant Theory

    I have a "thesis" or hypothesis dealing with the " Seat of Agartha" , Time Travel, and Interdimensional Universes (if it seems that way). Hopefully I'll be done with it sooner than later. Whats stopping me is the contradiction or plot holes. I'll mention them and hopefully the community could correct my arguments and further support my prediction. This game's story is just too good to end on such a vague ending. All of it exists but how does it exist, I have a vague answer for that.
  4. My Giant Theory

    I like the awareness of power and time travel but one thing that bothers me. The end of Buried and its relationship to the story as well the ending. I mean we did see Buried being referenced in the Origins cinematic at the end. The more I think about it, it might be a story being told bu Samantha on how everything happened to their world. And the N4 storyline is simply a fantasy fan fiction to Origins.