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    The Multiverse Theory

    Before you read the following theory, I must give credit to RADAUSTINS27 for making several videos related to this theory. I have found additional proof that will help further prove this theory that I thought I must show, so I made this thread to contribute to the zombies community and get this idea out there. This main concept of this theory is that there is an infinite amount of universes. This means that there is a infinite number of identical or nearly identical worlds in which the zombie characters we know and love are in. Normally this wouldn't matter because we have no way of manipulating space and time, but with element 115 it is possible for one universe to overlap into another. There is so much proof that explains this once the origins map came out, and the giant trailer was released. If this is still confusing here is an amazing visual provided by RADAUSTINS27 As you can see the universe from WaW to Bo2 is in the middle "universe 1", with the exception of mob of the dead. Then there is the universe with Origins "universe 3", and the universe with mob of the dead and shadows of evil "universe 2". Proof: The first real proof that there are multiple universes. The Origins universe is completely different then the WaW to Bo2 #1 In origins they are fighting in world war 1 in the trenches! They aren't fighting Nazi zombies which means the zombie apocalypse started at a completely different time. This is proven not only in the gameplay but also in the description of the map. #2 Maxis doesn't know who Samantha is in Origins. There was a radio in origins where maxis was explaining how a child (obviously Samantha) was claiming to be his daughter even though he has no children. But in the universe we all know (The WaW to Bo2 universe), he loves samantha and she is his daughter. "Ludvig Maxis: The child's voice calls to me more frequently than ever. At first she spoke only of her imprisonment in a mythical realm known as "Agartha". Now she claims to be my daughter, even though I know no such child exists! I fear my sanity may be slipping away from me." To listen to this radio for yourself go in the robot near the church, or watch the video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZ9GS7B4SWo and listen to radio 6 There is also a radio where maxis explains why there are weapons from the future in the mystery box. These weapons could be not only from his future, but also from also from other universes because of the effect element 115 has on space and time "Ludvig Maxis: When 115 is channeled towards the ancient stones, an energy field appears to drag unknown objects into our reality. Is it possible that Element 115 is disrupting the space time continuum itself? How else could an ancient box, created eons ago bring forth weapons from different eras? Perhaps including even our own future! Further study is needed to understand these powerful and unpredictable forces." To listen to this radio for yourself go in the robot near generator 2, or watch the video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZ9GS7B4SWo and listen to radio 4 The most recent trailer that Call of Duty released was the giant trailer. The only way this map could be possible is if the characters from the origins universe came and killed richtofen from the WaW to Bo2 universe. If everything was just one universe, I don't think it is possible for the young Richtofen to know his older self would be evil, and then go to the future and kill his older self,which would be pointless because couldn't he just make himself not turn into the person he is in the future? Too many paradoxes that can't be possible if it was just one universe. That's about as much that I found on my own time, throughout youtube though there has been proof of universes crossing like Richtofen having the blood viles from two of the characters of mob of the dead in the giant trailer, and the quote Dempsey made in Kino once he presses the picture of himself in the room with mule kick. "Ah a tale of two dempseys, starts slow but has a happy ending" This quote could be explaing this theory but the more I think about it the more I realize that it was probably just a funny line he made of himself and the picture... If you guys have any ideas,thoughts,or questions related to this theory feel free to reply and I will try to get back to you as soon as I can. ,Zomboss99

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