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  1. Hey-senberg

    Welcome dude thanks for welcoming too! Also why haven't you played shangi la? Best map ever 3/3 you lose
  2. How to: Easter eggs

    You pretty much need to play with your friends randoms are unpredictable
  3. I am Thanasishim

    Thanks for welcoming me!
  4. I am Thanasishim

    Hello everyone I am Thanasishim and I am a big zombies fan and a proud xbox 360 owner. I love zombies and I recently bought ascension and cotd (Yeah I am pretty late). I have all dlcs for bo 2 and bo1 except shangri la.I would like to meet people who actually play zombies and cod unlike the cod wiki (Yeah they actually hate cod). My gamertag is like my name but sadly I don't have gold.