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  1. Nikson

    Perk motage picture

    Woow, that's some very cool stuff right here! Keep up the good work!
  2. Dunno if it was mentioned before, but the "Don't go hunting" part... What if it have something to do with "Hunter's Cabin"? The "If you go there now something will be up and running...But stay to the path. Don't go hunting." Tweet was regarding the leaderboards which were down/offline for around 3 days. He posted this tweet at the same time they went back up/online. They first Tweet still bothers me though to this day. I couldn't match it up with anything. Another tweet that also still bothers me to this day was Jimmy's... "if you have been there but don't go back, then how do you know? If it can open but you don't open it, how will you know? Follow the signs to" Still though... I have never seen anything come from any of Jimmy's trolling tweets and as nothing has been found in the coding to suggest an EE in Nuketown (which it seems to relate to), I just take it as him trying to get people to play the game rather than him genuinely helping us discover lost EE's. Ok then, thank you for your correction... And was happy because i thought that i figured out something (;_;)
  3. Dunno if it was mentioned before, but the "Don't go hunting" part... What if it have something to do with "Hunter's Cabin"?
  4. Nikson

    Hello there, Zombie slayers!

    Im owning BO2 for a longer time, that was my first CoD, but after all, BO1 Z's just got that "Feel", something that makes you come back to this game, maps. Starting maps are better in BO1 than in BO2 (I mean, BUS? AFTER A FRIGGIN' MOON, YOU'RE TAKING US TO THE BUS?) Weapons are more enjoyable in BO1. But like playing both, i could talk on and on about why i prefer BO1 above 2... Also, Classic Z's hype! Package with W@W coming to me tommorow! Thanks for the greeting, and im enjoying the hell outta this site!
  5. Nikson

    Greetings Zombie Hunters!

    Modders, cancer of most CoD's... Anyways, Welcome to the community, take a look around. Enjoy!
  6. Hey there! My name's Nikodem, but friends call me Nikson., im 16 years old and i'm from Poland. I'm pretty new to Z's, playing it maybe 4-5 months, but immediatetly fell in love with it! I have only BO 1 and 2, but thinking about getting W@W, also, i like Extinction and Exo Z's. (I play on PS3, but buying PS4 in near future) Also, apart from Zombies, I love Basketball, but teams from my country aren't good, so there's nothing to watch :) Also, i love some classic music, alternative, and Imagine Dragons! Always looking for EE crew, or just someone to play with. Anyways, Hello all, and have a good day/night! (Sorry if i butchered some of the words, or sentences, my english isn't flawless)

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