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  1. Zombies Theme Park [Concept] SAO UPDATE!

    This would be epic!
  2. The full story?

    Sorry I'm new here and I am having a hard time finding the entire, true story behind the zombies story line. I watched a 4 hour video on YouTube about it and got rather confused. Was wondering if there is a thread with the accurate story to the zombies universe.
  3. Hello CoDz!

    I will. I've been watching a 4 hour video on the complete story. Not sure how accurate it is though.
  4. Hello CoDz!

    Thank you I'm not that good at it lol but I want to do the easter eggs.
  5. Hello CoDz!

    Hello CoDz. Name's Matt. I'm 23 years old. I am currently enlisted in the U.S. Air Force. Little more about me, I am a huge sports fan. Hockey is my favorite and I like all Boston teams. I am also a horror movie junkie. I play zombies on Xbox 360. I only have Black Ops 2 but I've played them all. I love zombies but I have no yet done any of the easter eggs. I'm also trying to figure the entire story line so I can know what's going on for Black Ops 3. Anyway hello all.