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    Der Reise Solo Strategy

    So ive been playing der reise for a long time now and its my favorite map so i figured that for my first post i should enlighten you guys on my favorite map's strategy. PART 1: The Early rounds Round 1: Knife only. The m1911 (i think) should be used to accumulate points early on and is kinda difficult when it takes only 7 shots to kill a zombie. repair windows and remember not to shoot whatsoever. points should be around 1300 or so. Round 2: (see round 1) Same as round one. points at the end of the round should be around 2500. Round 3: Rack up points Now that the zombies can take a little more damage its safe to start using your pistol, but preferably when they are lined up to ensure maximum points. when you run out of ammo its not a bad idea to maybe use a grenade depending on how bunched up your zombies are. points should be around 4500. Avoid drops like the nuke and insta-kill PART 2: juggernog, and power room camping Round 4: Get The Heck Out of there Now that you have a fair amount of points its time to turn on the power. take the Thompson route and buy the box one time or buy the thompson (i prefer the box) and camp in the power room until you accumulate enough wealth to buy juggernog. depending on your weapon this could take the rest of the round. Round 5-14 : JUGG you should have juggernog by the end of round four, which from this point you simply camp you simply camp in the power room until about 11 somewhere along the line you should pick up bouncing bettys, which should be placed in the corner as a backup if you get cornered. hitting the box a couple timesfor monkeysnever hurt either, just dont go crazy with it because its a waste of points. PART 3: The Rest Round 15: keep a crawler and go unlock the teleporters and buy your perks. if you have the points PaP a good wall weapon. Round 16-: keep a crawler at the end of each round and try the box for the wunderwaffe and monkeys if you have not got them already. From here on out: either do a full map train or rape train in the thompson room, or the STG-44 room, both of these are ideal and are great training spots. Hope This Helped

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