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  1. So, by now I'm sure we've all thought up that The Unmarked Man's silhouette in his profile picture on Twitter looks incredibly similar to Hudson from BO1. But anyone else see the resemblance between The Unmarked Man and this zombie from the BO3 image leak? I know there's not really much to go on, but the bald head, rolled up sleeves, and just the fact he goes by the name "The Unmarked Man" just screams zombies. Also, notice the symbol on the card. That symbol showed up multiple times along with 115 in the initial BO3 teaser trailer. Could people who have the zombies "virus" be marked with this particular symbol? Or is this symbol the logo for whatever group is currently researching the zombies? The only thing I really know for sure is that 115 and the original story still exist and have a part in the new zombies story. At least in some way.... I made a video about the new zombies info last night if anyone would like to check it out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qCyPdE35c4M
  2. This is Jaxiplanet's Twitter header. Maybe it has some hidden code in it like in TheUarkedMan's header. On mobile so I can't check. :/
  3. ​Kind of off topic, but this really reminds of me of the Nazis and Hydra from the Marvel Cinematic Universe trying to recreate the Super Soldier Serum used to turn Steve Rogers into Captain America. Never really noticed, even though I'm a huge Marvel comic fan and a huge Treyarch COD/Zombies fan. Cx
  4. Hello everyone! I'm new to this thread, well err, this whole site actually, and was brought here thanks to RadAustins27 (thanks Reed!). Anyways, I'm not entirely sure what the rules for this discussion thread are regarding links or whatever, but I'll try not to waste your time. So, as I'm sure you all know there are various "leaked rumors" about BO3 going around and as a sane human being, I don't usually pay attention or believe these. However, there was something that got me looking more into one of these rumors. Basically, one of these rumors states that BO3 will revolve around a group of soldiers that are apart of the EVO Program (Evolved Variable Operator) which are basically soldiers who have been cybernetically enhanced to be stronger, faster etc. And why am I looking into this rumor? Because who else but non other than our signature Treyarch tease is at it again. Sgt. Frank Woods. He posted a video talking about the evolution of Call of Duty that's titled "EVO-lution Analysis". In this video, he shows multiple ways that Call of Duty has evolved, eventually leading up to all of the new movements and mechanics in AW, and then asking what the next natural step would be. I made my own YouTube video covering it IF anyone is curious. TL;DR It ​seems Sgt. Frank Woods is teasing things that are also in this "leaked rumor" leading me to believe that some aspects of it may in fact be real. I'll also go ahead and link the article of these alleged leaked rumors as well as the video from Woods. ​ http://gamingbolt.com/call-of-duty-black-ops-3-details-leaked-enhanced-cybernetic-implants-no-vertical-boost-and-more