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  1. One thought, that came to mind when i was thinking about "TheUnmarkedMan": It could link to Edward Richtofen. Because he was unmarked from the picture with the O4, if you remember the DICE presentation. And the tweet which says: "No...listen to the sound of MY voice." sounds a lot like Richtofen to me. Also: In the Origins cut scene Richtofen has the sleeves of his shirt rolled up, just like the silhouette in the profile pic of "TheUnmarkedMan".
  2. Today, I was at the Coordinates 47.3667 N, 8.5500 E from the teaser. It's in fact no prison, but an office building under preservation of sites. I made three pictures, two of the building itself and one of the plaque where some historical background is written on: Translation: "Rear Falcon-Castle" -1850: Complex: Cigar factory in truss-construction-style, created by Wilhelm Waser (1811-1866). -1867: Conversion to a farmstead in swiss woodwork-construction-style, conducted by Theodor Geiger (1832-1882) for textile manufacturer Rudolf Schoeller from Breslau. -1870: Extensive construction to convert the building into a free- and brick-stone structure, by Th. Geiger, street side as Renaissance-Palazzo. -1914: The construction receives the look it maintains to this day from Richard von Muralt (1882-1957). [under preservation of sites of historic interest since 2003] PS: This is my first post, so hello everybody! Been reading this forum for a long time now, so I thought it was time to create an account.