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  1. [WIP] The Factory

    I'll just leave this here :P
  2. [WIP] The Factory

    Man I want to play with a gravity gun in zombies so badly now! well i can't really say we can imitate its functionalities in waw, but we'll try our best to replicate it. i hope you'll like the final product when it comes out
  3. [WIP] The Factory

    It's basically a re imagination of the beloved zombie map, Der Riese. It won't be an exact replica of it and it certainly won't have any assets from waw unless it's really necessary. All the models and textures seen in the sceenshots are ported from CSGO, L4D2 and HL2. As for the weapons, here's the list i have in mind. Screenshots A lot of things like textures, some buildings, vision, worldspawn settings are subject to change. Even though lots of textures include normal maps and stuff with them, I'm going to remake all of them when the map is near completion. I'll try to update the topic with more screenshots every week so stay tuned
  4. Welcome to the forums -johndoe :)