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  1. Youtube Video Idea?

    A lot of people have already done Top 5's on zombies. That doesn't mean you shouldn't do that because they are really popular, but just keep in mind if make videos like "Top 5 Wall Weapons" a lot of people will watch that same video on TheSmithPlays' or Laggin24's channel and not on yours. Not trying to discourage you at all, keep it up!
  2. Looking for suggestions and Youtube collaboration

    80 Subs isn't bad at all dude! You're doing this for fun and the first 100 subscribers are by far the ones that take the longest. So if you're doing it for fun, there's no reason to give up on it. Just keep it up!
  3. Hey Guys! It's the first time that I now really have a channel where I do upload a lot of zombies content just because I love doing it. In the last 2 weeks alone I uploaded 21 videos and got 10 subscribers. If you would like to chek out my latest video, which is the "No Purchase Challenge", that would be great because I'm looking for zombies fans and potential viewers for my channel. You can expect to see normal commentaries where I talk about stuff that just comes to my mind, easter egg guides for custom maps (that aren't on youtube yet), challenges for treyarch maps, live commentaries on world at war, black ops 1, black ops 2 and custom maps and maybe I'll also start doing some Top 5's regarding "Black Ops 3" ideas or just speculation. I've developed a huge passion for cod zombies and doing youtube videos and don't think that's going to change soon. So if you'd check out my channel I'd really much appreciate that! Also if you do want to colaborate, I'm always down to do something together! Subscribe if you like what you see and or if you want me to check out your channel as well. Thanks for helping out, ZombieMagnum My Channel: *REMOVED*
  4. Welcome to the forums ZombieMagnum :)