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  1. Hello all im Gunoftruth

    Im not Dutch im Deutsch (German) LOL! Sorry, couldn't resist. Reminds me of Edward Richtofen-GRAMMAR NAZI! Welcome, btw! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4tke6ZHwl7E Haha its okay Everyone confuses. i love those videos .
  2. Hello all im Gunoftruth

    Im not Dutch im Deutsch (German)
  3. Hello all im Gunoftruth

    Hell yea, great be here, Zen Great guy
  4. Hello all im Gunoftruth

    Haha yea, thanks ill certainly contact ya if i need anything, this place great for zombies... especially in custom zombies so much drama
  5. Hello all im Gunoftruth

  6. Hello all im Gunoftruth

    Hey all, I am Gunoftruth Aka Andy my real name Ive been a huge zombies fan since 2008 and wish continue it here . About me: I'm From Hamburg Germany but i moved to the United States recently. I am in the Custom Zombies Community i am very well known in Custom Zombies community, I am currently making Cyborgs zombies mod in World at War, Cyborgs zombies are the special mode from the Chinese Call of Duty called Call of Duty Online. This mod is going feature one amazing map me and my friend have been working on, this map will feature the original Cyborg Characters, unlimited rounds of Cyborg hordes and more .I am to revolutionize World at War Zombies and much more. I am Admin also for Cod Online, and my cousin works for Ravensoft and one lead map designer for the game . I have a website for the mod if you want check there for updates, http://cyborg-mod.tk/index.php ( you need register to view the updates) But can't wait to meet you all! If you want contact me: https://twitter.com/Gunoftruth Skype: Gunoftruth same with my steam and psn ~Gun
  7. Welcome to the forums Gunoftruth :)