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  1. Hey!

    Hey guys and girls! How you all doin'? I guess this thread is about introducing yourself... i mean it says it in the name XD Right, lets get down to business. My names Aedan, ive been playing Call Of Duty since late 2009 and my first game was world at war (I know black ops was out but i bought WaW and MW2 to see if i liked the genre, and it shows that i did) I finished the campaign and after the credits ran i was greeted by Nazi Zombies on Nacht. Its needless to say i shat myself and played the first 3 round then i was overran. I didnt know the doors were openable at the time and was completely clueless. Shortly after finishing World at War i got my mum to buy me Black Ops. It was at this point i decided to buy an xbox live membership. i remember vividly seeing a boy from my school who i barely knew. all i knew abou him was that he was a ginger kid in the other class who was good at football (soccer to americans) He aproached me when he saw me in the xbox isle and gave me his gamertag. Later thst day i added him and he was my first Xbox-Live friend. He later that night invited me to the party knowing i was new to that generation of consoles as i had told him i had played PS2 until christmas of 09. He taught me the basics of multi-player and invited me to play online. i sucked dick at multiplayer and managed to get 2 kills in 10 games. He asked me about zombies and i said id played it once. We played a few games and I fell in love with it after he taught me some tips and tricks, we got round 10 and from that day forward we played everyday. He's now my best friend and we play every day. That was a bit of a tangent, but i feel if it wasnt for him i probably wouldn't have anything to do with zombies. Im on xbone but regularly go back to 360 and hop on Black Ops Der Riese. I must say thats my favorite map. i have a great understanding of the zombies storyline and give me 4 hours and ill tell you every detail, but nobody has that much time on their hands. My high rounds range from 25 on tranzit to 52 on Der Riese (Solo) i highly enjoy zombies and will always discuss with people. I hope you guys accept me into your loving embrace Sincerely Aedan or whatever the fuck else you wanna call me
  2. Welcome to the forums Aedanspurs :)