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  1. Hello Fellow Zombie Slayers

    Just thought the first thing i should do before i get into posting etc would be to introduce myself to the community! Anyway Hello! For starters my name is Megan and im 17 years old. I first fell in love with zombies when my big brother got me into playing it when Black Ops was released. I was never really a Call Of Duty Multiplayer fan and when zombies got released it just blew my mind. So thats how i got into the whole zombie scene. I had actually been looking around for a community like this for a while and when i seen this site i couldnt wait to get signed up. Apart from playing zombies i study at college and spend most of my time in the gym. I look forward to meeting new friends and becoming part of this community. So thanks for having a look at my introduction and i hope to see you around soon.
  2. Welcome to the forums ZombieQueen_ :)