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  1. Widow's Wine and the red-spider drops

    Hi ive been wondering what the drops are as well. Ive only seen the blue ones. Im pretty sure theyre just to re-power your widows wine. Widows wine runs out sometimes as it will stop working temporarily if you take too many zombie hits. It seems to re-charge if you start a new round??(or just wait?) im not really sure.
  2. The Giant Highest Round

    Rnd 51 n had to quit. Previous high round was 50 on Buried n we had to quit that one too. 2 players. Can anyone beat 5000 headshots??
  3. Highest round in Buried?

    Lol my bad didnt realize the pics r upside down. Also, thx tips but ppl cheat on leaderboards.
  4. Highest round in Buried?

    Hey guys, just starting zombs again. Have not played since BO2. JW how my high round of 50 on Buried ranks up? I imagine its not even close to the top but thought Id ask. This was w 2 players and we died on purpose as we were goin on 6 hours and had to work next day.
  5. Welcome to the forums Craigson :)