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  1. Hi, I have a question about world at war der riese. I always hear that the pack a punched wunderwaffe can kill 24 zombies with one shot in world at war der riese. I played alot of world at war der riese but in my game the upgraded wunderwaffe (the dg-3 jz) doesnt kill more then 10 zombies. I had like 24 zombies and when I shot the dg-3 jz it only killed ten I still had a really big group of them left. Also every kill with the wunderwaffe gets me 50 points. When I shoot the dg-3 jz in a big group i gain no more then 500 points( wich is 10 zombies as 10*50=500) the rest just lives. So why doesnt my dg-3 jz in world at war der riese kills more then 10 zombies?
  2. Welcome to the forums rb120134 :)