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  1. Waddles

    Dempsey could be the Frankeinstein monster ?

    From what I heard, the guy on the front of the poster is not Dempsey. It's supposedly the lead singer from the band, Ice Nine Kills, which is doing the, I'm assuming, EE song or Intro song. Here is the video I heard this from.
  2. That gun concept, honestly, does look like the outline in the DICE picture up above. But the only problem is, we don't have a confirmed list of weapons or at least any confirmed pictures containing the weapons in the game that has been posted by Treyarch. Even though that gun concept does look similar to the outlined gun, up above, we don't necessarily know if that exact gun concept is in the game. But honestly NV, I do believe that gun concept fits the outlined gun and there is a possibilitypossibility that gun is in the game. We just can't necessarily believe that it is until we get a confirmed list of weapons that are in the game or at least several pictures posted by Treyarch that contains weapons. You know what I'm saying NV?
  3. ​We can't really confirm what gun this is until get an actual confirmed list from Trearch of the weapons in Black Ops III. You could look at so many websites to try and find a list of weapons that are "in the game" but it's not actually confirmed by Trearch so there is a high chance that that list is not real. Personally, I believe that this a picture from zombies because the zombies game mode only features a glowed-chalk outline on the walls. Also if you notice behind this polaroid picture, you can notice the cover for Call of the Dead and what could possibly be a picture of a building from Der Reise. This what it looks like in my opinion and anyone can share what they think this picture could be. Disregarding what weapon this is because we will not know until a confirmed list of weapons is released by Treyarch.
  4. ​Neither do I. I was just sharing what I found. I don't believe anything that is posted by 3rd party sources regarding the game this early. Unless it's posted by Trearch or Activision, then I will obviously believe it.
  5. According to blackops3.co.uk, there is a "rumored" list of the weapons already. It's too hard to tell if these are real but this a list of weapons according to the website. This is considered to be more rumored information than leaked since it's not entirely confirmed. The "rumored" list of weapons is as follows: Black Ops 3 WeaponsAssault Rifle AK-12HK-416ACRHoney BadgerCM901VeprScar-LSMG/PDW Scar PDWPDRMSBSMP7SM-1Max-11UMP-9MSMCJS-9BizonShotgun RAS-12Six12Saiga 12KSGUTS-15Origin 12LMG/Heavy Weapon M27 IARRPK-12F90 HBARHAMRShrikeMK46Marksman Rifle RFBBuzzardSA-58MK14G28Sniper Rifle BallistaSRSAXXLR EvoM98BM408Pistol M93G18SW500RhinoWarriorMP 15-22Tac 15
  6. Welcome to the forums TheVGExpert :)

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