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  1. Origins Highest Round

    Full round 60 camping strategy on YouTube, D-Money_headshot
  2. Highest Round on Buried!

    Round 66, full gameplay on YouTube, type in D-Money_headshot.
  3. whatsup guys, it's D-Money_headshot

    Hey guys, and girls, I'm new to this page yesterday actually. I'm here looking for ps3 high round players that won't quit. Would also like to have a friend (good or not I'll get us their) with a capture card so i can get noticed in the records. I have a YouTube channel also with no jug challenges, no power, and just some random stuff on their. Psn and YouTube it's D-Money_headshot. My main goals at the moment are 200 solo but i always get kicked, and 120 co-op, first rooms and no power challenges.
  4. Origins Highest Round

    solo 60 on leaderboards made 72 offline but no proof. 2 is 31, 3 is 32, 4 is 41.
  5. Welcome to the forums D-Money_headshot :)