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  1. Welcome to the forums BorderBoss101 :)

  2. Hey everyone

    I'm a recently re deticated zombies player. All I really have left to do is complete all the easter eggs. I'm not someone that gets to crazy high rounds, I find that too boring and don't have the time. I'm not amazing but I'm not bad either. Achievements that come to mind are round 32 solo nuketown, perma jug and quick revive on die rise, red insta kill on die rise, mystery box perma perk (the one that gives you better guns) on die rise, 4 perks on round 1 on buried and die rise, hells redeemer, golden spork, acid and blundergat by round 15 on motd. My favorite perma perk was the one I got on buried where if you bought your perks on round 1 you only lost quick revive when you went down. Stuff like that is what makes zombies so timeless and what separates it from other wave based gamemodes like survival in mw3. I had blue eyes and probably could have gotten the knife but I stopped playing for a few months. Anyway, enough about my zombies career lol. Whoever wants to help me with easter eggs just let me know. Glad I found this site lol