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  1. [HELP] Glitched Fire Staff, Cannot Upgrade

    I've spun the lights every way possible. Still no luck. Strange thing is I shot the orb, it lit up, made the weird sound, but just didn't exit the excavation site...
  2. [HELP] Glitched Fire Staff, Cannot Upgrade

    Hey. So I've been trying to complete the lost little girl easter egg on solo, and i've had good success thus far. I have Wind and Lightning upgraded, Ice is ready to be upgraded, but the Fire staff is where things mess up. I filled the 4 cases with the zombie souls in the crazy place, and I completely the puzzle successfully. Samantha gave me the queue for both of those letting me know they were done right. I have even tried to complete them again just to make sure. After you do those 2 steps, you're supposed to go to the excavation site and align the colored pieces correctly so your orb comes down and you can shoot it. Simple routine. I shoot it...it glows.... But it doesn't go to the crazy place. The picture is shown. Sorry it's not the best quality - can't get a very good picture with a horde chasing you.
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