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  1. My Teeth Farm, For when I need a Few. POC Casual I start with a Skill point, Get the First 3 Challenges and Upgrade your Sentry to +4, Stop after the 3rd Hive and Go all the way back to start! Place 2 Sentries one on each side and to where one covers the other. I can leave this for short times Bathroom beer Outside for a Smoke! Your money keeps up to replace when needed but also to fill up on ammo Grenades Armor ect. 1 tooth every 10 min. You can also go past the 1st barrier hive get a few more and return to the spot doing the same. just have Scorpions and Hunters but still just a few shots here and there needed to keep it going. I once did this at the final hive, worked for 10 min or so them rhino after rhino had 4 at one time + other cryptos
  2. Welcome to the forums Johnaton1 :)