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  1. Staffs

    people who "call" staffs in the pre-game lobby should immediately get permabanned Why? You would rather have ppl troll, get trolled or argue about which staff they are getting midway through the setup of the game? I've had players troll me (although very rarely) to where I called a staff but we both wanted the same staff so I went down to excavation to build it and he immediately took it from me after building it. So yea from now on I'm only going to be "calling" staffs in random games going forward. No thanks I don't want to deal with that. I always call fire or lightning staff in the pregame lobby and if they don't like it I leave immediately. I don't like getting wind or ice staff in co-op because imo wind sucks the big one and ice can't save you if you're trapped from my experience so I don't usually bother with it. In terms of ease of build this is my ranking from easiest to hardest: 1. Lightning 2. Ice 3. Fire 4. Wind In terms of easiest to upgrade this is my ranking from easiest to hardest: 1. Wind 2. Ice 3. Fire 4. Lightning Now to answer your final question on what's the best staff overall, obviously technically it's the ice staff but I only use that staff to camp and usually only on solo. Otherwise my preferred staff in co-op is fire staff since it's the best at getting out of a jam, the best for dealing with the panzers & makes life so much easier in general on co-op. Since I know that playing with randoms and playing with 3-4 ppl means that we're most likely not going to get to a high enough round to even start considering the fire staff being ineffective anymore, it's not something I worry about.
  2. Origins Highest Round

    My highest currently is either 62 or 63 solo I can't remember which. Everytime I play solo I am to do a little bit better than the previous time & so far I have done just that. These are my results from each succeeding match since I started my new zombies account: round 10, round 44 or 45 (got bo2 server error -.-), round 42, round 47, round 56, round 62 or 63. Next time I play solo my goal is to get 70. The rounds go by so fast in the higher rounds it's crazy.
  3. Welcome to the forums ringbearer90 :)