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  1. This is a total noob question. I have seen the rich storlyine information about Black Ops Zombies online and how many things people discover. But where does most of this info come from? Is it all from in-game radios and easter eggs? Are there cut-scenes that can be unlocked and if so, on what maps? I will google further once I know that. I play BO1 and BO2. My kick-ass girlfriend also loves shooting zombies with me. It's our new favourite pass-time. Please cast some light on these matters for me so I can understand where on earth the story-line comes from. I would love to see a linear game with goals based on black ops zombies. No Left 4 Dead does no qualify. It is not nearly as cool and does not really have any goals anyhow.
  2. Welcome to the forums peachydragon :)