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  1. Why hello there

    Hi there! I'm Arcian (also annihilaterq) and it appears that I've found your forums. Looks like I'm staying I started zombies when I got Black Ops II on PS3 soon after release and played it with my friends and brother. I started playing it more once more maps were released. Now I own BO & W@W, as well as all maps. I soon got into the storyline quite a bit, and enjoy listening to the Easter Egg songs (Including the Archangel Theatrical Mix). Earlier this year I discovered custom zombies, and got W@W on Steam soon after. Mob of the Dead is probably my favourite map. My highest round currently is 42 on Buried, although it was in custom games sadly :c but I've reached 30+ in co-op. I usually don't go higher than round 25 when playing with friends because it can get a little boring :L So far I've finished almost all Black Ops II Easter Eggs (not Lost Little Girl), and all zombies trophies except about 4 (3 from Origins, and Awaken the Gazebo, it's so bad). I followed Maxis' side of the easter eggs. Not much else to say, but it looks like i'll enjoy my time here with fellow zombies players. So, Hi again!
  2. Welcome to the forums Arcian :)