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  1. Hey I finally came up with an idea about how mod tools can be implemented in the next call of duty zombies which can at the same time satisfy Treyarch's love of money (yes we will pay with this method, but at least we get more content). So the idea goes like this : There should be a system where you have a certain (limited) amount of maps allowed per profile and you can buy extra map slots for $3 in order to download any map you want in the same way like microsoft points let you buy any content from the Xbox store (this way you also get rid of the DLC problem where you have 4 multiplayer maps and only 1 zombie map per DLC for a striking cost of $15). Now you can see where I'm going : Treyarch continues to release their DLC's like before with their main maps based on the story with EE's, new WW's, etc. and we buy the maps using the method mentioned above and after the final DLC has come out, we get the mod tool...but in order to let them continue making their profit, you cannot share your created maps with anybody else on any site (they are locked into your account by some sort of code just like BO1 and BO2 DLC's were). Instead, you have to upload them on a special Treyarch server and they become available for anyone to download for a cost of one map slot in your profile ($3). If they port those maps on Xbox one and Ps4, their profits will be even bigger, so I guess I just found a valuable reason for Treyarch to let us have more fun. It's still better than nothing and anyways players with more modest income can limit themselves to the official DLC's that contain the biggest piece of the game (story, characters, EE's, etc. )...or they can replace the DLC's maps with custom zombies maps which will make no difference for Treyarch since custom maps will be Treyarch's propriety generatinng $3/map. P.S any map you download becomes permanently associated with your profile, so you cannot delete one to download another one using the same purchased slot.
  2. Yes Nightmare Voyager, me too! And I bet pretty much all of us
  3. And returning to the main point, you (stop mocking me) said about no.11 that stealth would require a lot of work to include in the game, but now I have a flash (I totally forgot that) : The Hellhounds! They do search for us and they can be considered bosses! So next step would be applying this to the regular zombies...
  4. And boring guy, I don't see how more complex and evolved maps affect dramatically the team spirit...I think it's more a matter of the player's mentality. Sadly, too many people are individualists (people rage quitting because they didn't get the wonderweapon from the box or because they died with it, people racing towards the box and being greedy when comes the time to buy the doors in order to get as many tries as possible at the box, etc.) and that's certainly not the game's fault. I see nothing that stops players to cooperate and to have fun together in complex maps such as Origins and Mob of the Dead (Camping together, playing alongside, or strategizing together trying to survive.). For camping, there could be issues because some maps are deliberately designed to encourage players to find other strategies, but I see no problem there. There's no map where you can camp forever in one spot.
  5. I say put the health cap from like 35-40 because by then even paped guns will be useless and if you paped twice it will pretty much just be like a regular gun on round 15. Those extra things on the pap were awesome! There wasn't much of that in BO2 and if there were special attributes more guns would be used ex. Crossbow You are right about the health cap! As for Stop Mocking me, I hope you're wrong about the fact that Treyarch won't put solo easter eggs just because they want to promote XBL and headset sales...I would be very dissapointed if they will continue to ruin a part of our pleasure from playing by employing this cheap money-making technique. Isn't their COD (zombies) success enough? Don't they already make millions? Why did they put a solo version in COTD and not in Shangri-la for instance?? That's the point to talk about it on this forum, to put a pressure coming from their own fans. If they want more money, they should DESERVE it by innovating their game which would make their sales increase, not earned by devious tricks like this. It would be the most correct and winner business ever.
  6. Yeah but for the idea no.3 in the first section, if you put a health cap for the zombies at those rounds, there will be no more use to upgrade your weapons multiple times since the damage will be already enough. What Treyarch could do also with the Pach-a-Punch system is that in addition to increased ammo and firepower, they could add other special features in the gun like it is currently the case of the crossbow that gains the ability to attract zombies like monkey bombs or something like the Blundergat in Mob of the Dead or to add something special that you can use via the d-pad button like the upgraded AUG : The AUG-50M3 that has a shotgun attached
  7. Hello, as mentionned in the title, I saw more than one video on youtube showing the likely possibility to get a zombies game from Treyarch in 2015, so I have thought about the things that annoyed me from black ops 1 and black ops 2 zombies which should get fixed or improved in the next game if there is going to be one and I came with a list of things that should be there in 2015 zombies. Feel free to add your ideas as well as a brief explaination. Important things 1. Having solo versions of all the major easter eggs. This one I completly don't understand. Why did Treyarch only put solo versions of easter eggs on certain maps (where they are the less rewarding) and not on every one?? It's not fair because it's a real pain to find decent players to do them and you can't hope that with randoms rubbish players that buy the olympia on round 1 and die on round 3. One reason I find zombies so fun is because of the easter eggs, otherwise running from zombies and killing for 50 rounds would get very boring for me. Plus, Treyarch put the moon easter egg (probably the best one) only possible if you had the Call of the Dead one (ok, at least there is a solo version) AND the Shangri-la one which can be done only with 3 other competent players. That frustrates me...I imagine all the fun I could have doing the Shangri-la easter egg all by myself. 2. Being able to save a game and come back to it later. Zombies games are very time consuming and we can't always afford to play for 4-5 hours in a row. There should be a possibility on solo and private matches (with a vote) to save the game. Another cool idea would be to be able to save the game in a public match (with randoms) without votes, then you quit, and then when you come back you continue the game on solo (same effect as if the 3 others quit playing). Plus, this option lets us get to very high rounds without letting our consoles overheat, which reduces their lifespan. 3. The change in the way the zombies waves get increasingly difficult over the rounds. In the actual system, it gets boring to get to high rounds because it's repetitive. Zombies actually only gain more health and spawn in more waves only with a few scattered special rounds with bosses. They should add another challenge in high rounds like the zombies run even faster, boss zombies appear more often and in greater number, the ability for zombies to modify the map like putting objects in the way, which can block a path, forcing players to change their strategy, etc. 4. The ability to pause a game in co-op. There should be a vote system on this one too. I mean how many times have I had to rush to the bathroom only to find out that I got killed by the zombies... Preferable things 1. The ability for everyone to hold the map's special wonderweapon at the same time (the best example to date is Origins). Seriously, I can't count the times where I've been frustrated because someone got the Thundergun, the paralyser, the baby gun, etc. before me from the box. This thing pushes us to individualism because we become competitive to who gets the weapon first which ruins the zombies cooperative spirit. 2. The possibility to upgrade your weapons multiple times (with increased cost of course) and perks. This would be interesting in high rounds with the increased firepower and ammo…plus, the perks will be even more awesome. 3. Unlockable content (or rewards system) in the map like the free perk in origins after 30 000 points spent. Possibly even another reward that lasts between games when unlocking achievements like major easter eggs, for instance a new wonder weapon (unlockable only if you have done the achievement) or even unlockable parts of the map (that doesn't last only one game). 4. The buildables system was innovative, but only in mob of the dead and Origins where all the parts taken were appearing in common for all the players. Not like tranzit where one could steal a part to troll the others and when he dies the part gets lost where he died (like in the fog). 5. I like the idea of buildable wonder weapons...but as mentioned above, they should be available for every one of the 4 players like in Origins (either they make 4 different ones or the same one taken multiple times). Of course, I am talking about wonder weapons ( example : sliquifier), but other buildables like the Maxis drone are concerned too. It's so frustrating when another one builds that kind of thing before you... 6. I have always dreamed of a water map where you can alternate between land and water gameplay (island map probably?). That would be so cool and give more variety to the gameplay, not to mention the eye candy design and graphics. 7. A Jet Pack-like buildable that can make you fly until it overheats with a reasonable cooldown period like the paralyser in Buried and WITHOUT breaking apart like the terrible Jet gun in Tranzit. 8. The elimination of invisible barriers like when you seem to hit an invisible wall when you try to pass certain places with the paralyser (flying) which makes the flying feature less unique of this wonder weapon. Same thing happens when you try to jump past an obstacle from a high building. You hit an invisible wall before landing when in fact, if that wall was eliminated, the trajectory of the jump would allow you to get past that obstacle (like a fence). Oh by the way…making fence jumping possible would be cool. In order to prevent players to get past the limits of the map, simply put something so dangerous that they can’t survive like lava, water, spikes...be creative! 9. The possibility to players to modify the map DURING the game like destroying obstacles, putting obstacles to barricade themselves from zombies, change the layout of the map by tactical strategies like destroying a bridge, etc. 10. A mod tool like in the WAW to create our own maps. Don't worry, it won't compete with the DLC because anyways, even is somebody creates a genius map, he won't have the rights to sell it like the DLC's and besides it will just add one more map to the collection that the players can have (PLUS the DLC's). I mean, personnally, I would not stop buying DLC's just because I like the map created by someone. It's like choosing between having 10 maps or 20 ones...I think now it's pretty obvious. Gamers won't just replace DLC's maps with handcrafted ones. 11. Another zombie IA : It would be a lot more realist and fun if the zombies could search us instead of automatically knowing where we are. That enables the possibility to hide from them which could be very fun. And don’t worry, players can have a sort of radar to know where is «the last one» to prevent from waiting for hours for a glitching (or terribly lost ) last zombie before the round ends. And guns can be used to attract zombies in traps by firing randomly just like in multiplayer you get detected on the enemy's radar when firing with your gun. 12. An alternative to pausing the game is that a player can use a special room where he could build obstacles to the zombies by himself to hide from them when he has to go away from the Xbox for a short time, for instance, at the bathroom. This way, others can continue playing and the player who needs a break won’t be downed. I’m thinking, for instance, burying yourself underground with a special digging tool tool found in game (or buildable or any other creative system). What do you think? Any other ideas? It would be great if this post was read by Treyarch's devs, so please share it if you like the ideas! 13. A bonus one that I add at the end because it's purely a personnal opinion and I'm not sure how many will agree with this, but If there were more maps with the kind of beautiful jungle scenery like Shangri-La, it would be so nice. The atmosphere of the map really makes a big difference in my opinion for its appreciation and I have a personal preference for maps with beautiful open-sky landscape, with waterfalls, green areas, etc. I don't say that all the future maps should be like that, but at least one to make a change to the dark and enclosed ones. Shangri-la was the only map in black ops 1 AND black ops 2 to « free » my mind from those dark, eerie and creepy atmospheres. Now don't get me wrong, I love Der riese, Ascension, Call of the Dead, Moon, Mob of the Dead, Buried and Origins (my favorite). However, when I get tired of those, I always go to Shangri-La and I feel sooo refreshed. I bet the main reason why so many people hate it it's because it's a small, tight map without training spots, but that is a completely different debate. I still love it because of its challenge. I agree that that map could benenfit a lot if it was bigger. That doesn't necessarily mean more training spots, just more content like underground tunnels, larger overall area (m2 basically), features, etc.
  8. Welcome to the forums Chris1914 :)