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  1. Looking for suggestions and Youtube collaboration

    Thanks man, yeah im actually suprised. Ive gotten 34 subs in 1 month exactly. So i must be doing something right. I also relinked the channel.
  2. Looking for suggestions and Youtube collaboration

    Thanks alot man. Wow you guys are awesome over here. All positive feedback!
  3. Looking for suggestions and Youtube collaboration

    I agree that everyone sees YT as a money making machine. Personally i just want to have a fun gaming channel dedicated to zombies. And who knows, if i establish a good viewer base now, it will certainly help when 2015 zombies comes out. Overall though just for fun. I apreciate your feedback, i actually have redone my intro today as i felt the old one was lacking. Anyways thanks.
  4. Long time lurker looking for both suggestions and a possible collaboration from other Zombie Youtubers. I have recently started uploading some of my game play and challenges onto Youtube. I would like to know if anyone has any opinions on the content. Again if you are a follow Youtuber and would like to do a collaboration, hit me up. Link to channel: Dope Gaming Heres anoher link incase that one doesnt work:
  5. Welcome to the forums IX Dopamine :)