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  1. the mystery box pulls weapons through time and dimensions. this is the excuse for having things like, for example black ops 2 weapons in bo2 new 4 zombies while transit supposedly took pace in the 60s. If the zombie apocolypse has happened then the campaign never happens. so the box pulls weapons through from that other dimension the the alternate zombies dimension. so yes the box has to pull weapons through alternate dimensions
  2. Yes ascension did contribute some to the story i guess, but the thunder gun could, like double tap, be pulled through the dimensional rift by using the mystery box, and yes the casimir mechanism was important, i guess i over looked it, but it still is a bit strange how ascension seems to be out of order with the other maps. it seems as though the orginal four teleported form kino to cotd witch leaves ascension shrouded in mystery, how exactly did they get there if the maps are infact cronological, and how did they get from a soviet cosmodrome with no evidence of having teleporter technology, to Cotd? so many questions left unanswered, treyarch needs to release an official timeline or these questions may be left unanswered.
  3. I have been looking back on the zombie maps of bo1 and bo2 and i noticed tomethng that may just be a coincidence but it might not be so i decided to post it. looking back on the series there are two maps that have a significant difference, acension and origins. why you ask? well its simple, both maps have extremly large plot holes in them that completly do not make sense story wise, and both are lacking the presence of the double tap perk. now like i said this could be completly be nothing but a coincidence but i dont think it is. think about it, what does acension have to do with the storyline what so ever, it tells a completely different story, and origins, well i think most of you already know that theat map doesnt fit, the only thing that ties these maps to the other maps are the characters, and the various mystery box tech like der wunderfiz, think about it, the only thing that is taken from acension and into the other maps is the gersch device in moon, which comes out of the mystery box, and again the only thing that connects origins to any of the other maps is the characters, and the mystery box tech, now there is ways to recive double tap in origins, but only through the mystery box tech like der wunderfiz and the chest, both of which are able to pull things from no where....like the mystery box. now it is already true that the mystery box pulls weapons from other times and realitys because we have weapons that do not belong in the times and worlds that the story takes place, so what if origins and ascension took place in alternate timelines that had nothing to do with the core story, it would make sense, and clear up many plot holes that these maps have created. but its just a theory, let me know if i got anything incorect grammar or story wise.
  4. Welcome to the forums corwin1ful :)