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  1. Hey, guys. So, it would seem that, coming soon will be the end of The Unity Series. Of course, at the time of typing this, I'm still typing up Intuition and working out everything with the final maps. But, that's not what I came to you today to talk about. I need your help. In the final map, I plan to have a number of Wonder Weapons at the disposal of players (however you'd like to put that). There's a catch to that, however... ...a number of these weapons will be created by you guys. (Yeah... you heard me right.) This post is meant to spark the conversation. I want to know if you guys can create your own Wonder Weapons. Have fun with it! Create something interesting! Have at it! When all is said and done, I will hand pick the ones I consider the best, and they will either be featured in the final map, or the one prior to it (...maybe). Either way, they will have a place in this. Good luck to all! Per aspera ad astra, -The Meh
  2. >Xbox 360 >SoE EE BOI. Get an Xbox One already...

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