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  1. The Meh

    ~Zombies Hangman~

    What a zinger! Board updated.
  2. The Meh

    ~Zombies Hangman~

    Whatchu doin', Mr. T... Anywho, board updated, with a hint added.
  3. The Meh

    ~Zombies Hangman~

    Board updated.
  4. The Meh


    Can we, like... talk about the music and cinematography-esque elements of this trailer? I mean... holy crap. Wow.
  5. The Meh

    ~Zombies Hangman~

    Uh... something with butter. I dunno. Anywho... board updated.
  6. The Meh

    Did Blundell Just Kill Zombies?

    I think I'm one of the people who's... overall, VERY excited to see how this plays. A staff that pretty much zombifies things, with imagery the looks alike to Egyptian-esque stuff in the hands of what looks to be a secret cult-like group with origins back to Roman times. That sounds like something that's simply campy as hell, and y'know what, I love it. Not to mention that... well... Blood of the Dead is a thing. Shit name, given, but... it exists. I'm overall very hyped out for Zombies. They're delivering in a way I'd like to think is unprecedented compared to what they've done in the past, and it's an exciting prospect.
  7. The Meh

    ~Zombies Hangman~

    Board updated, for your viewing pleasures. (or whatever pleasures, I don't know your kinks)
  8. The Meh

    ~Zombies Hangman~

    @LenneI forgot to say that I updated the board a long while back. But I did. So... uh. Yeah. Board updated
  9. ... I read "Quantum Immortality" and I was immediately hooked. I'm gonna edit this comment later and give my thoughts, as... simply, I don't have the time to read this yet, but... WOW. I've gotta read this thing.
  10. I think it's better to stick with Xbox One. If you're allured to the exclusives of PS4, though, I don't blame you. I couldn't tell you how long I've wanted to play all the God of War games. But I've had an Xbox for the longest time now, and I personally feel like I'd be cheapened not to be loyal... well, unless I just got another console down the line. At the end of the day, it's your choice on the matter, however.
  11. I'm gonna cut to the chase. I recently gifted an Xbox friend of mine Zombies Chronicles, and have been playing it with him recently. More-so, I've been playing for the purpose of achievements and aiming towards finally getting 100% achievements in a Black Ops game (even if I have one final achievement on BOII). We've talked about the maps and such, and in some cases he isn't okay with how different they look or how strange it is... especially considering the fact that he's very much not happy about Call of the Dead not coming back. Anyways, moving on, we played Ascension the other day, and I made a comment regarding Widow's Wine in the spot PHD was. If I'm to be honest, my head canon's always been that Takeo was sick in COTD because he was allergic to prunes, which I guess was a thing in the mix of PHD? Could just be that I read the CoD Wiki back in the day and believed the strangest things, but I convinced myself of that, as it is one of the few things about the story in my head that makes things make good sense. Anywho... my direct quote was: "Y'know, if you think about it, Widow's Wine kinda breaks the continuity, with COTD and all." ...*sigh*... I shit you not, this is his response: "Well, Zombies Chronicles is kind of in another universe." *my headache intensifies* I've had a few days to digest and argue this back and forth with him, as I very much understand that the purpose of Zombies Chronicles is to remaster the maps into something they previously couldn't be (literally the definition of a remaster). Unfortunately, he wouldn't have that. He's CONVINCED of this, and he's convinced that he is right because of the grand scheme of things revolving around the multiverse and the multiverse theory. I won't argue possibility, but at this point, pointing towards the multiverse as a reason for why this DLC is the way it is, pardon my french, such a fucking cop-out. So, I'ma let you guys have a field day explaining why he might be right or wrong, in a way better than I could. He'd think I'm an asshole for doing this, but I'm not gonna continually come back around to this conversation about Zombies Chronicles without evidence to support or anything like that. Either way, I'd appreciate a response. Regards, -The Meh
  12. First (and least important) thing first, holy shit you came on to respond to this and I feel so humbled. Second... it makes me happy to know you've seen the research regarding the whole "prune" thing with PHD. I don't know if you'd mind getting me an exact quote, but I'd love to hear it. Only supports what I've seen as head canon for... practically years at this point. I wouldn't particularly be surprised if someone came out and said "oh hey, would ya look at that, it is actually just a stereotype from sushi and he actually did get sick from all the raw fish", and I can understand and certainly agree with the idea that teleportation causes adverse effects on the body and such. Not to mention that I completely forgot that quote from the trailer... though you could argue a lot of things about said trailer. I mean, zombies swarm Nikolai and you could say they killed him if you were so inclined to do so, and therefore un-canonize the whole thing. I won't make a big deal out of it either way, though. Honestly, on the other half of things, I've not seen Zombies Chronicles as anything big or in effect to the story, more than I have seen them in a more artistic light. Little Kid Doug: "Man, these maps are so different! They look so much more different compared to the previous maps, perhaps more detailed even! Complete areas look so different! WHOA, Der Wunderfizz is in a lot of these old maps! WHOA, Gobblegums too? Wowie..." Well, of course it's different, Doug! It's a REMASTER! It's the point. You're bringing back fan-favorite maps, integrating them into the system of your game with all new mechanics (kinda like they did before with the four originals in BO1), and editing areas where, artistically for its time, probably could never have looked the way they do now. I get that you could totally denote that the Moon in this portrayal of it could be SUPER different to its portrayal in BO1, but it makes no sense to not boil everything down to artistic interpretation. Hell... if Black Ops III isn't a trial in such, I don't know what is. I don't know if that's too harsh an understanding, but... don't worry. I can understand and somewhat agree. I can both understand and respect that you are willing to agree with my friend's side of things. As much as I disagree with him, he deserves his counterarguments in a post that's biased to my beliefs more than they are his. Truthfully, I don't exactly disagree with the purest notion or idea of his argument. I've the feeling, though, that I have had a lot of time with this story... and that, given all the different articulations and beliefs I would feel that separating the events of all of ZC (give or take Origins... I feel like Origins makes the most sense to be still canon) would be simply... wrong. As I've quoted above, my whole argument with this is that I separate the idea of the canonical from artistic interpretation. In my head, it's hard to denote ZC as literally anything else. It's the same maps with someone else's brand of paint in an attempt to blot out the blemishes, in my eyes.
  13. The Meh

    ~Zombies Hangman~

    ~Zombies Hangman~ Test your might! _ _ _ E / _ E / I N F E _ N I _ Incorrect Guesses (4/6): L, M, O, A Hint(s): 1. Liberate Scoreboard: 1st: Slade - 238 2nd: way2g00d - 201 3rd: Lenne- 196 Electric Jesus - 138 Nightmare Voyager- 134 ETEl2NAL407 - 100 Tasha the noob - 93 The Meh - 88 Delta - 68 Naitrax - 58 Rissole25 - 48 MurderMachineX - 46 Undead - 44 Chopper - 34 Cheesegrater28 - 32 Tac - 30 PortlyLlama80 - 22 Reddonkeyham - 20 Jake Duck - 16 wesleykg00 - 16 Silv3r Energy - 16 RequixEclipse - 14 83457 - 12 Anonymous - 12 zombieman9 - 10 XAvengedLullabyX - 10 OverWater17 - 10 RaidDzn - 10 PINNAZ - 8 nayrc - 6 unlawfully inacurate - 4 Ooka - 2 RiftRunner001 - 2 ZombieDreamerDan - 2 CrubZee - 2 BriggzyJ97 - 2 TheNathanNS - 2 Mr Swifty - 2 RZArazorSHARP20 - 2 Señor Festo Lithium - 2 Rules: Guess the word/phrase correctly without any letters = 10 points Guess the word/phrase correctly = 2 points Stump the field (6 incorrect guesses) = 6 points One incorrect letter = 1 incorrect guess One incorrect word(s) = 2 incorrect guesses You may only guess up to 2 consonants or 1 vowel at a time Host adds hint after 4 incorrect guesses Numbers must be spelled out After 6 wrong guesses the person who did make the last guess gets the board If after two weeks, the person who is meant to be posting a board doesn't, another person is allowed to take their board and continue the game
  14. The Meh

    ~Zombies Hangman~

    Nah. Just been busy. Allow me to post my thing real quick :o
  15. The Meh

    ~Zombies Hangman~

    @RequixEclipse Pesky pesky... but the answer you're looking for is KRONOS. (...and fuck the Gorod Krovi EE.)
  16. If I'm being honest, I owned Black Ops III on Xbox 360. I know how bad it really is. ...and trust me when I say, it is that bad.
  17. Hey, guys. So, it would seem that, coming soon will be the end of The Unity Series. Of course, at the time of typing this, I'm still typing up Intuition and working out everything with the final maps. But, that's not what I came to you today to talk about. I need your help. In the final map, I plan to have a number of Wonder Weapons at the disposal of players (however you'd like to put that). There's a catch to that, however... ...a number of these weapons will be created by you guys. (Yeah... you heard me right.) This post is meant to spark the conversation. I want to know if you guys can create your own Wonder Weapons. Have fun with it! Create something interesting! Have at it! When all is said and done, I will hand pick the ones I consider the best, and they will either be featured in the final map, or the one prior to it (...maybe). Either way, they will have a place in this. Good luck to all! Per aspera ad astra, -The Meh
  18. >Xbox 360 >SoE EE BOI. Get an Xbox One already...
  19. To alleviate a bit of confusion over the matter: (from the timeline) MARCH 17th, 2011 - CALL OF THE DEAD After entering the rift, Ultimis arrives at the Siberian Facility in 2011, where they find themselves trapped in a closet while George A. Romero films his latest project at the location. Samantha, in her pursuit of Ultimis, unleashes an undead outbreak. The film's stars fight the undead horde, ultimately recovering the Vril Device for Richtofen. Ultimis teleports back to Shangri-La in an effort to acquire the next artifact required to defeat Samantha: The Focusing Stone.
  20. The Meh

    Medal Request Topic

    *pokes @Lenne* Sorry, buddy. I've got another medal to request. That medal being... Paintshop Pro. Kind of the best I could do, if I say so myself. I'm not artistic when it comes to emblems or anything like that, but I tried. Hopefully you kinda like it, and it is enough for the medal. Here's the proof: Left: https://imgur.com/a/ncQv6 Right: https://imgur.com/a/bucOm Top: https://imgur.com/a/MMRQG As it stands, the pure black background might be subject to a change. But I do like it as it is. The only reason I feel a need to change it is only because I would like it to blend well with camos. Else than that though, this is pretty much it.
  21. The Meh

    GDPR, Account Security + Privacy Policy & Terms Updated

    Alright. That sounds fine. I hope things work out with getting them back around. (I'm just glad that I still got my Signature working. :D)
  22. The Meh

    Grief Tournament

    I read this just after posting that last comment. Whoops. Yeah no, I'm okay with that. I will say that it's still kind of possible to run the tourney. I mean, they run CoDz Olympics all the time and it works out. I'm sure you can ask the people running that for a bit of help. But otherwise, yeah. If we wanna do a general game of Grief together, I'm game.
  23. The Meh

    Grief Tournament

    Personally, I don't quite mind when. I'm busy in the morning Monday to Thursday, and I am quite a bit more busy on Monday and Wednesday as well with classes. That being said, I'm free the rest of the day around 4PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and free the whole day Friday up until 8PM. Weekends are the most free time I have as well, I don't have to worry about classes or work then. At the end of the day, honestly, I don't think I have much issue with how it stands. Just... as long as I can get contacted better. That being said... yeah, it'd probably be better if someone contacted through my Xbox GT as well. I've not gotten much in the line of messages over Xbox from my teammate, and I guess I'd prefer it if that were happening. ...also, uh... yeah, if you guys can as well. Just a thought there. *shrug*
  24. The Meh

    GDPR, Account Security + Privacy Policy & Terms Updated

    Well, I just loaded the site to hear about this. Interesting to say the least. @Hells Warrrior If it's worth saying, I think pictures are somewhat weird right now, with loading and all. Dunno if that specifically has to do with the update, but... it's worth the mention.
  25. The Meh

    Addressing The "Time Online" Glitch.

    @Hells Warrrior While it's sad to see it go, I understand it as it is. I appreciate you guys looking into it.

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