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  1. [DECODED] "Where Are We Going" Secret Message?

    I saw some videos relatively to MotD (i can't play no CoD Black Ops 2) and after this decode i think that Der Riese as you say will come back.Remember in the afterlife you have electrical powers but when the electricity AND the transportation came in to CoD Zombies?That's right!In Der Riese! "The Beggining will become the end!" I have been playing Der Riese lot of time and listen every time all the Easter Eggs trying to put it onto a pattern from all zombies map.I discover that the Der Riese might not be the beggining.My theory is that the first map is "Shi No Numa".4 soldiers discovers the meteor and they take the Element 115."Der Riese" is where the do all the first tests to humans and if something goes wrong they sent to "Asylum Verruckt".Nacht Der Untoten is the FINAL map and "Kino" is a link to "Der Riese".The zombies break out from the Asylum and head to this map.If you can remember how the Nacht Der Untoten begins:"You are unconscious,a crash site in font of you and a zombie come for you".WAIT!!Crash site!In "Five" there is some coordinates and some data for a plane crash!Now we link the "German" with the "USA" story.As we say there were four guys.Tank Dempsey (American),Nikolai (Russian),Dr Richtofen(German) and Takeo (Japanese) and all come in contact with the "Element" at Shi No Numa."Five" is as Der Riese the USA station which they do the testing.The zombies then sent to Die Rise as a USA "Asylum".Green Town and Nuketown Zombies is the expant of the disease to America and the Beggining is the "Moon".Wait "Moon".Remember Ascension?You can destroy a rocket launch!What will happen if noone destroys?Probably the launch will go to Shangri-La.Ascension again is the Russian test station to people for the Element..As you can see is a repeated Cycle which if continues it can not be broken due to the structure.If i remember correctly someone says arleady that this is a Cycle.So what happens if someone like our MotD heros can break the cycle?Where they will go?They will go to prevent the Meteor never landed on earth with the Element "115" or they will destroy the link which is "Der Riese"?Der Riese uses the element for time travel!!This is how far i can get now.My brains going to explode!!!Thanks for reading P.S Why in CotD you hear Nikolai voice..Maybe they are in quarantine???