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  1. Sixth Perk Machine Easter Egg

    I thought surely it had to be somewhere on here but I didn't see a topic for it. Which one is it?
  2. Sixth Perk Machine Easter Egg

    I didn't see a post about this so I figured I would post it for those that are unaware. At the spawn area if you're facing the Pack-A-Punch machine, go through the door on the right, then go to your right and in the space between the two window barricades there is a pile of snow in a corner against the wall. There is either a Staminup or Deadshot Daiquiri perk machine under the snow. Those are the only two perks I've heard about being under there, but I'm not sure if those are the only two possible. To melt the snow: 1. Link all three teleporters to the mainframe 2. Acquire Monkey Bombs from the Mystery Box 3. Throw a Monkey Bomb in a teleporter and teleport along with the monkey bomb to the main frame. Do the same in the other two teleporters 4. On the platform in the spawn area, there's a control panel on a railing in front of the Pack-A-Punch machine. The three lights on the panel will be red before doing Step 3, but after using the three teleporters with the monkey bombs the lights will turn green, one corresponding to each teleporter. 5. Push the red button on the control panel after all three lights are green After pushing the button, if you're facing the Pack-A-Punch machine, look up and to the left and you'll see a laser beaming from a giant robot head that is hanging in the air. The head is from one of the robots in the Origins zombies map. The laser beam will melt the snow pile revealing a sixth perk machine. You can still only buy 4 perks.
  3. Pop Goes the Weasel (Easter Egg) VIDEO TUTORIAL

    Has anyone on the 360 ever run into the situation where you're not able to refuel the plane? I get there with a fuel can, it prompts me to hold "X" to refuel but when I start to hold "X" the prompt disappears and it does not allow me to refuel. This has happened two separate times and it's always after I've traveled to the bridge 2 or 3 times already.