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    Are Traps Bad?

    I would have completely agreed a week ago but after getting to round 69 (nice) (and getting the update and being logged out lolz.. ) and using the sweeper (blundergat PackaPunched) and vitriolic withering which became completely noneffective and not having the hell's redeemer the only option for me really was to use the traps specifically the one at the Cafeteria as the Sweeper and Vitriolic withering which are considered the highest damaging weapons in the game besides the hell's redeemer were just not efficient enough with the ammo.By the time it would take to kill maybe 5 zombies in a train with the sweeper I had emptied half my reservoir granted the Vitriolic withering was actually still a 1 hit kill but only with the zombies you stuck,the acid AOE was completely useless at that point and the only use the gun had was distracting the zombies if it looked like I was going to get trapped from overlapping the train.. which turned out to be very useful as I don't want to knock the gun.But the frequency of max ammo's and the amount of ammo I was using were not enough to keep training the zombies at that point so it seemed the only option was to pick up the Hell's Redeemer which would've taken maybe 3 days to finish a round at the Golden Gate bridge with JUST the Hell's Retriever or to use the traps and maybe a wall weapon such as the MP5 PAPed. For the record I would say Traps are bad BUT I'm still going to use them at round 50 , 60 + And here's the Video of me without the Hell's Redeemer i_gr8yeKAJM I did train + shoot the zombies and use the trap up untill around Round 40 - 50 or something but eventually it was just taking too long and I started using JUST the trap :]
  2. bathtimegaming

    Highest Round on Alcatraz Island?

    i_gr8yeKAJM Round 69 eventually then I got the update LOL!

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