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  1. What is the best Treyarch zombie map? (opinions)

    For me that map is Five. 1. It is so fun to simply plop down on the sofa and play through a game of zombies and there really are no difficult easter eggs to do to get to things 2. Many different ways to play the map, and the elevators and Defcon switches is extremely innovative and the Thief definitely makes things difficult on early rounds 3. The story was not very direct in this map but it was still there. It showed how the Americans were aware of Zombies and all of the Tech from group 935, and you could see all of their efforts to re-engineer their technology including Rayguns, Wunderwaffe, and the teleporters. Plus this was the map that made me love zombies so I will always be biased about it and all my memories from this map
  2. Top 5 Favorite Maps

    1. Five 2. Origins 3. Der Reise 4. Die Rise 5. Der Eisendrache
  3. Looking for zombie players!😁

    I am only on the Xbox but please add me, my gamertag is CerealBro1
  4. Tranzit Mysteries and Easter Egg Continuation

    Hey guys, I would love to go egg hunting as well, I love Tranzit and have always thought there was more. My gamertag is CerealBro1 and I am willing to help too
  5. Is This the TranZit of BO3 to You?

    I love both Tranzit and SOE. Shadows is fun and unique and has lots of replayability and things to do in the later rounds making it fun solo or Co-op. Tranzit had the bus which allowed for some great fun on co-op with friends, and while the jet gun was terrible it made the later rounds more difficult and with friends a really fun map to play, but it lacks the fun for solo sadly. Still I think both maps are excellent and fun maps, which is one of the most important things for me
  6. I think Silo from BO1 would make an excellent map to make into zombies, as well as Toujane from Cod2 (yes I'm old school but its my favorite map ever and I have always wanted to see it done) Firing Range would be a good one as well, Black Box also comes to mind as a multiplayer map that would be fun as a zombies map