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  1. Next Step Has Most Likely Been Found!!!!!! Update

    i did´t mentioned beams, i meant the orbs that appears that fisrt appear durin the laundr-o-mat door and recently by placing turbines
  2. Next Step Has Most Likely Been Found!!!!!! Update

    wow i just figure it out, first if tranzit is a clock, the south would be the lamp post of the cornfield, north would be or town, or the one at the bridge,east would be the one at the power,west the one in middle of the farm and dinner, now mt theory , if it is a giant clock , you must first notice that the bus would be one of the hands, and the bus if compared to the bus, it is going counter-clockwise, so it might b refering to goig back in time, then if you know russ, on a qoute it says 1.21 gigawatts(i dont know the exact number)but it is the number used on he movie back to the future as needed to time travel, and on the game if you use 4 turbines on the bus, IT GOES FASTER, so my theory based on birddo dan he said"try connecting the worm----- teleporters" so i think you must get by the time on clock, either 7:49 o 5:11, with teleportes under those resecting light posts. then the bus must have 4 turbines, and maybe the avogadro, to get those 1.21gigawatts, so then it could be like going fast enough to travel in time i does make sense if you thing about it, and it may be needed to do something first with the light bulb on the pylon connected to the navcard table, by a cable , so i thik afeter you completed the 3 vertices of the triconometrous system , you must get an orb on the bulb with the cable, then the navcard would work,then just on the bus get the tubines to get 1.21gigawatts and travel in time:D p.s it is my first post ...