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  1. BirdDog Dan Tranzit EE next step train station |Update|

    This was messege below was posted under NEW CLUE FROM SOMEBODY01 POSSIBLY TREYARCH? In Reference to the quote below "Some things need to come down, before others go up." And from what I've read in this discussion about the "sedan" clue and this above quote together and thought about maybe crashing the bus into the sedan billboard and bringing it down? somebody01 13-Dec-2012 03:45 (in response to somebody01) Global positioning navigation error 01101000011101000111010001110000001110100010111100101111011101000110100101101110 01111001011101010111001001101100001011100110001101101111011011010010111101100100 001100110111001101101110011100110011001001110011 Decodes into: http://tinyurl.com/d3sns2s which is: On this page is an mp3 and this message: "Some things need to come down, before others go up." Sounds like the mp3 needs to be edited or a secret message is in it! Someone go! If anyone is interested: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Icarus