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  1. The "Wunder-ful" Wunder-Weapon Discussion!

    GR 17 The 17th in a series of gauss rifles developed by group 935 secretly. It shoots a powerful laser forward with a great enough force to punch through all zombies in its path, leaving the zombies to fall to the ground with a large hole in its body. It is metallic blue in color, and can 1 hit KO 'till round 20. It has 1 bullet with 15 in reserve. Must recharge between shots. PAP'd it becomes the SW1F7 D347H. It changes from a blue to a yellow in color. It shoots an incredibly powerful electric shock that vaporizes all zombies in its path up 'till round 30. After that it becomes a 2 shot indefinitely. It changes from a 1/15 clip, to a 3/27 one.