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  1. 3arc a bunch of trolls?

    Just saw that Waffles replied to my thread i've been subbed since you did the moon EE ^.^
  2. 3arc a bunch of trolls?

    I know, i'm not too worried about people finding me by such a plain name though ughh zombies is so addicting it's not even funny. Like I said guys if you find anything out feel free to post it here.
  3. 3arc a bunch of trolls?

    Waffles did maxis AND richtofen but thank you! I really hope they aren't trying to draw this out by MAKING fans buy dlc :shock: that would be a deciding factor on whether or not to support activision anymore! I'm sure they have something in store though, if you find anything out, reply on here or message me!
  4. 3arc a bunch of trolls?

    No idea why I even post on here. I'm being deadass -__- my name is Aaron James Howard=ajh 1994=birth year 954=area code ajh1994954 if you're not gonna give input get off of my post please. I posted 2 links backing me up so I don't much care what you say tbh. :lol:
  5. 3arc a bunch of trolls?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eDYHrd5zM8I https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rB7unPE ... re=g-all-u
  6. 3arc a bunch of trolls?

    So I just finished watching the roflwaffle completion of the ENTIRE easter egg and nothing happened, there was electricity shooting to the top of the tower and that was it, he completed all of it and absolutely nothing happened. Do you guys think there is more to this easter egg or is Treyarch just a bunch of chain yankers? Reply and tell me what is going on!!!