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  1. Tombstone

    What so this is true then?
  2. Tombstone

    Apparently this tombston is not even a perk? Apperently it is(according to a few images on the net)a new weapon and that treyarch are messing with us by releasing images of a perk machine but then I have also heard that.... If you do not want the excitement to be spoiled then please DO NOT READ ON!, if you are curious and wish to find out then read on, P.s I am not 100 percent certain of this information, just what I have seen going around commonly latley, The tombstone apparently is a perk and that when you die if your teammates last another round then when you respawn you go back to where you were downed and it gives you the weaponary that you had before you died, this has made me so curious, but I do not want to know for sure!, As I stated before do not trust this information 100 percent it is just what i've heard :shock: