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  1. The "Wunder-ful" Wunder-Weapon Discussion!

    I made an account just to add to this (well that and i thoroughly enjoy CoD Zombies) A little while ago i designed a wonder weapon entitled "HellFire" it was a tri-barreled rotating automatic shotgun that when pap'd it upped the ammo count and upped the revs of the rotation motor. it also got renamed to "Abaddon" and added a spikey crown which encircled the barrels and spun when they did. Tell me what you think of the idea because i thought it looked pretty good. if i get some time then i will draw up some sketches and perhaps make some 3d models. Graciously Yours, Mr.Crowley {EDIT} OK specs for teh weapon. Rate of fire:1 Shot per second at first pull of trigger but then accelerates to two ps and finally three. Damage: Well the idea for the gun was that it had an extended range and a tighter formation for pellet spread which would allow it to be used more flexibly. the damage would be equivilant to instant kill to about round 7-10 (depending on where you hit the body) and once pap'd instant kill to about round 14-16. Ammo: The ammunition would be 36 in each "Magazine" (im thinking some kind of belt fed system that attached to the side of the gun or maybe under it) and then there would be two more magasines in reserve e.g 108 in total or 36/72. once pap'd the ammo count would go to 50 in magasine and 3 times in total so 150 in total or 50/100. Other: this would be a heft weapon so it would slow you down similar to an LMG would. the acceleration sounds and animation could be recycled from the death machine in black ops 1 however im feeling a kind of upgrade in aesthetics once pap'd. i think that the revs for the motor should have more of a growling quality like a wolf or a bear. also once pap'd they would add a crown, and of course the pap pattern on the gun. also the barrels of the gun would get longer which increases range and damage appropriate to what i mentioned earlier. this would make the gun seem more like a true Gatling gun. also i was hoping that if you fired it nonstop then it would look like it was overheating so the barrels would go a glowing orange and a black smoke effect would spawn from the end of the gun. the overheating would not stop the gun from firing but perhaps it would damage the player a bit? then once pap'd the glow goes from orange to purple and red smoke affect spawns from the end of the gun. Perhaps also when the player pap's the weapon, instead of a default comment, this comment could be unique and say "Omnes Morere" which is latin for "All Will Die". Maybe a bit too much? i dont know but hey. Overkill is underrated Again, tell me what you think and i may do some sketches and 3d models if this gets enough attention