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  1. Zombie Suggestions

    I think Treyarch should make a mode in the Zombies mode called "Cruel Mode" or you know just something like that, where am I going with this? like, this mode would be a little more challengy, You'll start the game and in the first level a LOT more zombies try to get in the room, (like about 10 zombies each window) and it just keeps growing, but with the same ammo as usual, start with a pistol, 500 points and you know.. just keep playing the game lol my point is that this mode would be for players who want more kills and more points in the first levels, (that might make the players who are all "Quit takin' ma' kills bruh" happy lol) but not just for those players, also for players that want something more challengy that they can play that of course has zombies in it, it would be awesome if Treyarch made this mode for "Solo" or with the 4 players and even the 8 players thing they're doing in Black Ops 2, this is just an idea, but it would be beast if they did make this mode though, just saying, it would be kinda fun playing with experts and even see them die during the first levels haha.