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  1. Zombie Suggestions

    I have 3 Ideas for Zombies 2 of which can be on any map the other is for the Hardened and prestiege editons. 1) Perk: Adrenalex- when your screen is on red your bullets and knife get 2x stronger and it recovers your health quickly. you can only buy it once for 1500 points and once its used when you recover you don't have it anymore. 2) New Wonder Weapon: the Inverter- It has 10 bursts in a mag and 80 rounds of ammo and when a pulse hits the zombies it makes them move in reverse for about fifteen seconds. It cannot kill any zombies until its pack-a-punched and becomes the Test 19 Quantum Invertex which now makes zombies go in reverse then inexplicably burst into flame when the effect wears off. It carries more rounds in a mag at 12 shots but now only has 60 rounds of ammo 3) A zombies artbook for the Hardened and prestiege edition buyers. It would have concept art from every Zombies map and explain the story behind each and maybe have a tip to do better on each maps.