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  1. Possible Verruckt Easter Egg?

    Thank you for attempting to get the picture, do you play Xbox? because KingJessop and I are looking for what we like to call "believers" of the easter egg.
  2. Possible Verruckt Easter Egg?

    If you could post an image that would be awesome! And I just don't understand why Treyarch would make a reference to a modern TV show when the map took place in the 1940's. Particularly because any sort of easter egg Treyarch has done has been relavent to it's time period.
  3. Possible Verruckt Easter Egg?

    We have tried a few things.. - shooting the red pipe with the Winter's Howl - shooting the "Winter's Howl blood splatters" with the Winter's Howl - activating both electricity traps simultaneously than running to the power room while they were on to see if the strange pronged objects behind the mystery box reacted (they didn't..) - activating both electricity traps simultaneously than shooting the small generators beside them OH! And another important fact I forgot to mention in my first post was that in the morgue room walking across the room toward or away from the window does nothing unusual, however if you sprint toward or away from it you will hear a loud explosion. We have no idea where it's even coming from. Any ideas? We aren't completely familiar with the World at War version, so any info you can give us from that version would be helpful Also, if you're interested in playing with us to try and find more clues or if you would like us to show you the ones we have found add us if you're an Xbox kid! HvNz Ninja XRG KingJessop
  4. Possible Verruckt Easter Egg?

    Hey guys, so I've been fiending zombies with KingJessop for the past few days and we've noticed a few things on Verruckt that we think might be clues toward a possible easter egg. (You may have read some of his posts regarding the massive Kino easter egg that we believe Treyarch has hidden so well that it has yet to be discovered). Anyways, please comment and let us know what you think, or add anything that you think we may have missed. Okay, so first of all we noticed that throughout all of the Black Ops maps there are blood splatters that seem to represent the Ray Gun. They are found all over the map, and we believe they may even be pointing to things.(Pic below) http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/402/20120614003356.jpg/ "Ray Gun blood splatter" in Verruckt. At first we thought it might be a coincidence, until we noticed another familiar looking blood splatter that so far was only found on Verruckt. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/819/20120614003056.jpg/ "Winter's Howl blood splatter" in Verruckt. The Winter`s Howl. Keeping in mind that it could still be a coincidence, we continued to find clues as to whether or not these blood splatters were actually meant to resemble these wonder weapons. Being addicted to zombies, we played a game on the map Five. Without even looking for easter egg clues, Jessop noticed the "Winter`s Howl blood splatter". Now we definitely think the blood splatters represent these guns because the "Ray Gun splatter" has been found on every map(with the exception of Call of the Dead), and the Ray Gun is available on every map. The "Winter`s Howl splatter" has only been found on Verruckt and Five, and coincidentally the Winter`s Howl is only available on those two maps. Definitely not a coincidence...... When playing Verruckt we noticed that there are some differences between the Black Ops version and the World at War version. The main things that we noticed were that the Winter`s Howl (the ice wonder-weapon) was added as an additional mystery box weapon; the pipe in the top left corner facing the power switch is glowing red, as if conducting heat; and to the wall left of the Mystery box there is some sort of control panel that when interacted with, reads off the numbers *4, 8, 15, 16, 43, 42* by the voice of the interrogator from the Black Ops main menu. After reading off the numbers, you can hear the recording rewind and is then repeated over and over. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/843/20120614003519.jpg/ Control panel. When interacted with, it plays a recording of the interrogator from the Black Ops main menu reading off a series of numbers, than rewinds and repeats itself over and over. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/26/20120614003529.jpg/ Also, we noticed some other interesting things that may be related to a possible easter egg. The butcher knife on the counter in the **** please report this topic, post **** has illuminati code. We know how to translate illuminati code, however it's too small to see on the knife. (If anybody is able to read it or even send me a link to a picture that has the code made legible, that would be awesome!) http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/24/20120614003605.jpg/ Possible illuminati code on the butcher knife? We've tried looking at it with a sniper and can only make out a few symbols. In the rooms with the bloody writing all over the walls, there is obvious writing such as "HANZ", the illuminati code which translates to "living dead", "19382406 9:21" (1938-24-06 9:21) which is the date when a real meteor exploded only miles above the Earth's surface, "teddy is the biggest liar", etc. But nobody seems to really pay attention to the less obvious writing such as: - There is a small drawing of a hanging man (on the Shi no Numa loading screen there are 4 hanging men, one to each of the four entrances) - The drawing of the man is saying "schnell" which in english means "quickly" - The drawing of a zombie eating an arm - The date "1942-11-3" which is a historical date of which Hitler gave an important speech stating: - In a swirl-type shape the phrase "nerve impulses generated by the motor nuron activate the muscle to which the stretch receptor is attatched" is written. - The words "listen" and "hear" are written beside the power symbol (lightening arrow), most likely as a clue referring to the recording in the power room. - There is some sort of phrase that starts at the top of the wall and ends just above the "schnell" speech bubble. Some of it is not legible however what we can make of the rest is "if within the warning woRld showered full and ___ tide from the panes tomorrow fish lips be the weary curbside sun some ___ time?" IF ANYBODY CAN DECIPHER THE MISSING WORDS PLEASE MESSAGE ASAP! - There is also a drawing which looks like a foot stepping on a circle with eight lines coming off of it. (Kind of like a compass) If you have any other ideas or can expand on ours than let us know And also, if you're good at zombies and you play xbox, add us KingJessop and HvNz Ninja