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  1. The "Wunder-ful" Wunder-Weapon Discussion!

    I had two ideas, one is a gun, and one is an equipment. The Gun: (Only available through the random weapon box) Incinerator: Looks like a type 99 with a futuristic ammo counter at the side (using lights) Uses incredible heated micro-wave technology to fire an invisibe super-heated wave, that instantly vaporises any zombie in it's path. 3/9 ammo. Fires in a straight line, 2 metres wide and 6 metres long. Decimator (PAP Incinerator): This time, the radius of the wave, is 2.5 metres wide, and 10 metres long. Also holds extra rounds. 5/15 ammo. With a thunder-gun like attatchment, that can shoot 3 rounds which pushes back the zombies, but can't kill them. The Equipment: (2500 points for 1 knife) D3S0L8RS: Throwing Knives, that when thrown at at a zombie, if the knife hits and enters the body, the zombie is sucked into a small eerie-green dimension which leaves a random power up behind, after a second, a similar coloured pulse is sent out that instantly kills any zombies, within a small radius. If the knife misses and hits the ground, then it will just vaporise itself. If you throw the knife at a perk machine, it will turn the colour of the perk machine, and fly back into your inventory. With this 'perk' knife. If you throw it at a player, the knife will vaporise, but the player will gain that perk.