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  1. cosmic silverback

    link to my zombie campaign.... viewtopic.php?f=53&t=22356
  2. cosmic silverback

    this goes to all veiwers plz see my campaign idea and reply...... title: zombie campaign.
  3. zombie campaign

    k i know people are gonna say that every map that we have been playing is part of the forever moving campaign but what i would really like to see is a possible campaign for nazi zombies you can start out with a video showing dr maxis and richtofen researching for nazi technology and then show the meteor crash and then how they used it to make 115 to power the dg-2 see nobody ever thought that richtofen could have been normal until drugged or drove crazy with power it could start in a german base such as verruct and show everything stable then move onto how the break out happened and ur trying to escape and get to the power and escape the facility then move on to videos of takeos capture and how he was going to be tested on to become a zombie and have explosions going off and seeing dempsy richtofen and nikolie coming through the explosion and rescue takeo and the explosion caused breach making u have to survive in shi no numa doing a side mission and takeo getting to the telaporter and find themselves in the der reise and then a videio shows when richtofen starts ranting on about the factory where he worked and tells dempsy how he was based in verruct and how the accidents happened with samantha and dr maxis but it really was on purpose and then he starts taking about the different types of enginerring and then see the zombies breaking loose since they where never really contained after the breack out and richtofen says how they have to link the teloporters boost up the mainframe and have to survive for a certain time before blowing up the door behind the funace and finding a fusion coil and boosting the little pad on the mainframe and finding out it brought them back into time in the theatre. if you like this idea and want to hear more how it would continue plz reply and say so if u have any comments or ideas to add just say them thx for reading
  4. cosmic silverback

    hi my name is billy and i am a serious zombie gamer and i always try my best to know what the story behind nazi zombies is and i heard rumor the cosmic silverback from dead ops was actually on top of the bulding on kino der toten and was suspected by the howling and breaking of the ceiling and i was wondering if that was true i was also wondering what role in general the cosmic silverback has