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  1. Zombie Suggestions

    Please note that I haven't read the entire thread, and I'm sure some of the things I have posted have already been said. This is from a casual Zombie player. I am nowhere as good or knowledgeable as you guys. I do love Zombies though, it is so much fun. This is just a few suggestions I would like to see. (Keep in mind that the furthest round I have ever gotten was wave 30 in Kino). I play with 3 people including me and I found that Zombies lasts a very long time. I think we spent 3+ hours just getting to wave 30 until we got very tired and couldn't play longer. It may be slow, but this was because we left a crawler alive so we can get the mystery box and other perks in the game. Plus it was a way for us just to relax and take a quick break (bathroom, get food, etc.) I'm sure others can get to the higher rounds faster, but as a casual fan, this was a problem. There should be some sort of checkpoint where you can pause and save the game. If everyone dies, then you start over from round one. The rounds got really repetitive when it was the same zombies coming in. This could have changed past round 30, but it still took us a while to get there. I would definitely like to see difficult boss zombies. If there are four players in the room, then the boss round spawns four boss zombies. Something unique quite often makes the game more fun. I would also like objectives in the survivals rounds that need to be complete in order to open another part of the map instead of just buying the doors to open. Give us temporary unique items to use. The timings can be changed. Examples: Ground Freeze - Iceball that can be thrown on the ground. This slows the zombies down in that certain area for two minutes. Players would be slowed also, but not as much as zombies. They can become immune by purchasing an ice drink. Fire zone – Fireball that can be thrown on the ground. This burns zombies and lcauses low but steady damage to zombies as long as they are in the area. This lasts for two minutes. Players can also be damaged, but not as much as zombies. They can become immune by purchasing a hot coffee. Disorientation – This ball can be thrown on the ground. This will confuse zombies and they will run in circles in the same area for a minute. Players will see a fuzzy screen if they run through it. They can become immune by purchasing an Advil. Speed - Temporary buff that increases your speed for 10 seconds. Invisibility - Go invisible for 10 seconds. This can be great if you get surrounded by zombies. Stun Gun –stuns the zombies for 10 seconds. Great if you stun them in the right area. Bubble zone – A small bubble around your character where zombies cannot enter. This is great if you are on the verge of death. I love the current perks in BO, it is actually a really good and makes the game more fun to be more powerful. I haven’t thought of more perks that can be added yet.