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    I highly suggest that around every 25 or 30 rounds there should be a boss. Around the same size as the zombies so he or she can move around the hallways and staircases. When the boss dies he should give a perk cola and a max ammo. I think there should be a boss because after so many rounds zombies gets a little boring. I think a boss would spicen up the game and get more players. Also I think that the more a person shoots the gun they are wielding, the more powerful it should get. My reasoning for this is because in the far rounds, normal guns barely do anything even with the pack-a-punch. But my very most suggestion would be a attachment store. Around the size of a mule-kick perk box. You could use it to buy sights for certain guns. Sort of like in MW3 special ops where you could buy attachments for the guns. This way instead of a ACOG on the AUG in Black ops 1. People could get a red dot for it, or maybe extended mag. I feel that it would be a huge hit on Zombies for Black ops 2. I realize the some of this will make zombies easier, so why not make the zombies a little harder? But an attachment store will make zombies very fun for everyone.