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  1. Zombie Suggestions

    I have had this idea since WaW, hope the zombie team hear about this! Ya'know when everyone has bought their perks, got everything they wanted.. well it get a little boring slaying zombies after zombies and having to keep swapping weapons because you never seem to get the power-ups you need. So what about a power-up machine or machines? When your out of ammo, you have zombies spawning all around and you need something fast, no chance of killing a few to find a power up, looks like you have to buy it! The power ups should cost a lot of points, otherwise earlier rounds will get used up with non-stop insta-kills and nukes. Late rounds usually mean your fully equipped, non stop zombie killing with nothing to buy, so all that money gets saved up! Pretty useful to have a power-up machine, huh? Beginning of a round and need the box? buy carpenter for half price and use your spare time wisely Hope this idea gets used in some way, maybe it would help with the zombie game modes in Black Ops 2?? Thanks! - Matt O'Sullivan