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  1. Quate my thread and say how much time left for your timers if it isnt 0 already..... :3
  2. MY timer is up but still no sign of cod black ops 2 trailer :(
  3. Probably glitched. For me it indicates 1 more hour (GMT +1). good cause when MY (eest +2) timer ends i'll be away when real ends i'll be back :)
  4. for me the timer on callofduty.com indicates less than an hour... is that correct or glitched because of timezone timer?
  5. Black Ops 2 Official site & Trailer Discussion!

    the timer for me says 1 hour :S is that correct?
  6. How many hours til trailer release? :roll: :? :| [brains]
  7. http://callofduty.com/uk/en/blackops2 ^^ real or not?