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    I do like the idea of knife aid and enhanced jugg. Also what it to become of special grenades, claymores, and the hacker?

    Incidiary Rounds- bullets do extra fire damage Poison Rounds- bullets do extra poison damage Valued Shopper- Discounted: box, wall weapons, traps etc.

    The only perks i would need to return are: Jugg PhD Want to return: Speed Cola Mule Kick Stamin Up (with gravity) Quick revive( im ify about this one) Dont want to return: Deadshot Doubletap I enjoy double tap but with only being able to buy four perks i dont see a need for it. New Perks: Bandolier or Scavenger (Something along those lines) Arsenal- Lets you buy ammo for any weapon Enhanced Jugg- Takes 5-6 hits Ill upload more as i think of them

    What is to come of perks in zombies? Are they going to restart with the original four? Are they going to keep all eight and keep adding more? Are they going to take away the ones we dont like and replace them with better ones? (Maxing out at 8) What do you guys think? What do you want to see: stay or go? added? Leave some perk suggestions or modifications that should be made to current perks. (Please be pratical, no perks that enhance characters ability to the point where they are untouchable).
  5. What the "Future" quote actually means

    I have points to make for both sides of this "Is Black Ops 2 in the future?" thing. Treyarch has always done re creations of wars and they are very good at it. They may use creative scenarios that never actually happened, but they could make sense based on our history. Now my point here is that treyarch has never done anything past the present time because they are good at re creating what has already happened. This leaves infinity ward to create all the current or future warfare, and in my opinion i think they are good at what they do also. Now, with that said being said, those of you who believe black ops 2 is in the future could also be right and we all know why: ZOMBIES. Treyarch added a creative twist to WaW with their very own zombies mode. Obviously a zombie outbreak has never happened but we all enjoy the gameplay and we also like to follow the zombie storyline which never actually happened. This shows treyarch's creativity which leads me to believe that they could suceed at making a game on something that hasnt happened yet. After considering both of these viewpoints i have decided to be unbiased about the timeframe of the game because one point is just as good as the other.
  6. Zombie Suggestions

    I have been thinking latley, and i thought of something that has came up among my friends and I before. I thought it would be cool if treyarch added maps that could be 1-5 players or 2-8 to increase the fun of the gameplay. I think if they added a fifth player to all the maps it would make it ten times more fun! With the 2-8 players, i was thinking they could do a verrukt style map but bigger. They could have 4 players start on one side of the map, and four on the other side. They would eventually be able to meet up with the activation of power. Idk just an idea i would like to see be taken into effect. What do you guys think?